Be just that

This toy a pretend,
Come shake your rattle and wake me,
You really must child.

Littered cuts lie idle,
Beneath my slumbering frame,
You have been away.

Dizzy, lost, feet stolen,
Peer to the pieces, vices,
command the youth forth.

Collect all the shards,
Place in my cupped hands, pieces,
Assembling, we shutter,

A weapon, me? Never.
Are we cold? Are we afraid?,
Stagger above minor.

Come, come see my toy,
Blood trickles from a clench
Fear? Why you have it?

Why must you kill me?
Believing that is a tool,
Fool yourself, but me?

I'm your innocent,
Hold that fragment to thyself,
Hold us up, take us.

Where do I stand then?
When do we speak, we can never?
Place us in death then.

Place us in the dead,
The dead dance, scream, laugh, cry, long.
Punished within life.

Lay down our threats here,
Leave the Machiavellian,
Forget the hurdle.

Fall, drop, forget tools,
Make, blend, merge again with me,
Come home, I am there.

This war is long over,
The bombs have long stopped falling,
Remember it's life.

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