That's all it's become.

That's all it's become.
The sea of processes
You melt the butter,
you fry the egg,
you close the fridge,
pet the dog.

Smell the hand,
you smell the dog.
Fry the egg, you smell the egg.
Kitchen fills with an invisible discomfort,
of heat.
The heat dispersed, the discomfort stays.
Still in the same place.

The pot, still hot,
the dog still there.
Still there.

Open the door, goes the heat.
Pot grows cold,
all quiet.
It's still there.

Unlid the computer,
rain picks up
temperature falls,
dog sleep,
pot cold,
still there.

Work, finish.
Thing, learned.
Close == door,
dog == eat,
dog == sleep.

Pot (clean, drip);
Light up%night,
Still there;

Watch thing["burn","retina","sting","regular"]{

Choices = There(Few);
And it's still there.

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